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Investing in the Place We Call Home


The Thief River Falls Area Community Fund is a great way for you to give back to your community. It was started by a local group in 2016 to replace and expand on the good works of the United Way which no longer operates in our area.

This enables community members to support a wide range of local projects with unmet needs. We believe that by bringing together our area residents, key stakeholders and leaders that we can create a positive and lasting impact in our community.


By partnering with the Northwest Minnesota Foundation to build a community fund with tax-free or tax-deductible gifts, we can help ensure our resources benefit our community today and long into the future. With your help, we aim to grow this fund to a sustainable level that will enhance our community and way of life for many generations.

A donation to this fund is a great way to recognize a special person, group, or event by making your gift in honor/memory of them.


The Thief River Falls Area Community Fund has two components: an Endowment Fund which builds a fund for future giving and provides annual revenue for project disbursements, and a Project Fund which gives out the funds it receives each year through requests and then distribution as decided by the local committee members.

What we do

Our Priorities


The social fabric of our area is the foundation upon which we live, learn, and grow. We believe that investments into  the social needs of the community are essential and invaluable.


Positive settings,  experiences and  opportunities to gain life skills support youth development . Communities that invest in more opportunities for youth  are more likely to see youth do better.

Senior Enrichment

Our seniors are a precious resource. Their lives and learning contribute much to our culture. We seek to honor them and enrich the experience of our area’s seniors.

Quality of Life

Quality of life is one of the main reasons that people choose to live in the area. We are committed to investing in projects that maintain and enhance the quality of life that all of us treasure.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to GATHER resources, GROW a self-sustaining charitable fund, and GIVE meaningful grants for the betterment of the Thief River Falls area.


Fund committee members are available for a personal visit should you wish to know more about the fund or discuss various gifting options such as wills, trusts, family fund, or IRA/401k Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s–the fund is eligible to receive with no tax consequences to you).

Matching Dollars

Northwest Minnesota Foundation will match every endowed gift with a 10% match. We also encourage donors to check with their employers or other groups that may provide matching gifts.

Our Vision

We will work with area residents, stakeholders, and leaders to create a self-sustaining community fund that focuses on Social Needs, Youth Engagement, Senior Enrichment, and Quality of Life.

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